Sister Srey Cafe is Siem Reaps premier Coffee house. Run and operated by Sisters Lauren And Cassie. The Girls, opened the business to have "good Coffee" and also help and support Khmer students.

Srey means sister in Khmer, but besides the obvious kinship connection, there is more to the name than meets the eye. As a sign of respect, Khmer people greet each other with titles of family whether they know them or not. Older men and women are ‘uncles and aunties, nearer your age, they are brothers and sisters. The girls named their cafe Sister Srey as a dedication to the sisterhood of Cambodia and of course, to each other.

Our vision at Sister Srey Cafe is to support young Khmer students who struggle to keep a balance between study and supporting their family. We believe that by giving these beautiful people a flexible roster, fair pay and continuous training, we are little by little helping build a brighter future for these young people. Our team at the cafe are like family to us and each have their own story and beautiful personality.

Since opening the Cafe works along side Hearts to Harmony Foundation. This means, a percentage of profits from the Cafe as well as donations, Foundation supports individuals through education, health and hygiene, and other expenses.